Perception Rhythm 14 - Kayaks: Reviews

This high-performance, narrow-hulled speedster tracks like an osprey to a trout: fast and straight. The high-backed seat has a ratcheting backband adjustment that, cranked tight, puts you in an aggressive forward position that will let you race with rowing shells—and win. Extras are few in the stripped-down shell, but it does have a removable watch/heart-rate-monitor mount and a bungeed storage area in the stern big enough for a jacket or hydration unit. The similar Cadence 14 is for smaller-framed paddlers. 42 lbs;

Bonus: The molded cockpit lets you draw your knees into a racing posture.

Bummer: Secondary stability is good, but beginners will have trouble handling this niche boat.

Filed To: Men's / Snow Sports
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