Markill Spider - Canister Stoves: Reviews

Why It's CoolStability in the heat of battle is a Markill trademark, a reputation augmented by the steady new Spider. Three heavy-gauge stainless-steel legs uncoil from a grenade-size package, creating a footprint seven inches in diameter—an inch bigger than most other stoves. Even hard nudges to the supports couldn't unsettle a large pot on the boil. » With the throttle cranked open, the Spider is a veritable afterburner. » A fuel canister and flame-adjustment lever that are separated from the burner via a tough steel-mesh pipeline further bolster this cooker's assured feel and keep cold-clumsy hands from upsetting the pasta puttanesca.

Hmmm . . .At nearly ten ounces, the Spider is one of the heavier canister stoves. » The uncharacteristically delicate piezo igniter stopped working after three uses, then restarted, stopped again after I dropped the Spider, and mysteriously recovered the next day.

BurnsIsobutane canister.

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Lead Photo: Clay Ellis