Klepper Aerius Quattrov XT - Touring Kayaks: Reviews

Why It's CoolYou can paddle it, sail it, and fold it up to take with you wherever you go, making this the definitive kayak for adventure travelers. » A beefy hull and keel strip protect against tears on coral or ice. » You can change the hull shape from a V to a U—permitting easier passage through shallow water when carrying heavy loads—by adding or bleeding air from a series of integrated bladders. » The Quattro's cushy ergonomic seats and swiveled backrests make eight-hour water crossings bearable, and the multitude of storage and tie-down capabilities mean you needn't leave anything behind. » Attach sails (sold separately) to the bracket-supported mast and you can reacquaint yourself with the wind while you lean back and take in the view.

Hmmm . . .The Quattro remains a marvel of German engineering, yet it's unlikely that first-time assembly will be trouble-free. Practice putting it together before you fly it around the globe.

Filed To: Men's / Snow Sports
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