Optic Nerve Crenshaw - Sunglasses: Reviews


You don't have to think too hard about springing for a pair of these affordable and versatile shades. Oversize wrap-back lenses give protection high, low, and peripherally, while the brownish polycarbonate produces a bright, sharp-edged view on par with glasses twice the price. The toric lens design—which follows the eyes' curvature on two axes—makes for nice face fit without crowding the cheekbones. Get these for daily wear and pickup games with your buds. Not Rx-able; nerveusa.com

Bonus: The red frame and temples are a refreshing alternative to basic black.

Bummer: Sweaty heads will miss sticky rubber pads, particularly at the nosepiece, which slips.

Filed To: Men's / Sunglasses / Snow Sports
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