Easton Artica Backcountry - Snowshoes: Reviews

The Artica won last year's Gear of the Year, and everything testers raved about then is still here in this updated model. The symmetric and flexible aluminum frame that self-adjusts to tricky terrain. A tapered tail that doesn't interfere with your natural stride. A free-pivot, articulating binding that prevents shin bang and snow kick-up. And über-aggressive crampons that got us through the gnarliest mountainside ice rinks. This year, the decking is treaded where it wraps the frame, putting hiking-sole-like rubber at key points for even better grip. 5 lbs, 21", 25", 30"; eastonsnowshoes.com

BonusMost parts are labeled for easy recyclability—put them in your blue bin or send them back to Easton.

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