Millet Pro Light Tour 38+7 - Day Backpacks: Reviews

Good for Backcountry
Pricey, comfortable, and tough, the Pro Light Tour was the luxury SUV of our test. There are no cupholders, but with a separate pocket for tools, vertical-carry ski straps, and ice-ax loops, everything else has a place. Plus there's ample padding and just enough room—2,745 cubic inches—for an overnighter at a back­country hut. Testers especially liked the deep, horseshoe-shaped zipper on the main compartment—which makes it easy to get at stuff at the bottom of the bag—and the top pocket's smartly placed zipper (right down the middle), which helps prevent small items from tumbling out. The design isn't perfect, though: When the pack wasn't full, it tended to bounce and sag, throwing us off balance. 3.9 lbs;

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