Victorinox CH-97 Upright 28

Slick Packaholic

Scads of apparel, triathlon gear, souvenirs for the family...this wide-body, 6,447-cube roller rocked for weekend warrioring. A shiny vinyl sheath gives this tank a clean urban aesthetic that also toughens its skin, all wrapped in external load-cinching straps. We loved the voluminous, 18-inch-wide main compartment and mesh compression straps, accessed via the large D-door panel with vertical zip and a separate compartment with its own stash sleeve. While we found some resistance in extending its trolley handle, the dual-shaft design is the hardiest of this lot. Those 80mm inline-skate wheels? Smooth as glass. 11.8 lbs;
Practicality: 4.2
Durability: 3.9

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