Ultralight Sports Cirrus Ti and Nimbus Steel Pedal

(Courtesy of Ultralight Sports)

It might look like a bare axle, but this minimalist design is the new lightest road bike pedal on the market. Conceived by retired pro cyclist Bill Emerson, Ultralite’s diminutive system combines a pedal that consists of little more than a double-barrel spindle with a bulkier-than-standard but still aerodynamic glass-reinforced nylon cleat. As a complete system, including pedal and cleat, the Ultralites weigh just 112 grams—that’s over 100 grams lighter (or almost a quarter of a pound) than anything else on the market. Unlike the majority of pedal systems out there, which take a downward step to engage and a heal-out action to release, the Ultralite’s clip in with an inward press of the foot to activate the spring-loaded barrel and another inward thrust to unclip. And in spite of their stripped-down appearance, there are two cleat options (zero and four degrees float), as well as three interchangeable tension springs for varying stiffness of engagement. The Ultralites will come in two specs, too, a premium titanium version for $395 and a slightly heavier, but still svelte (146 grams) steel model for $295. Beyond all the lightweight high tech, however, we just love the clean, polished design that boils pedals down to their essence.

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