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Channel Islands Double Helix Flyer – Surfboards: Reviews

1. When the Flyer shape was first introduced, in 1999, it was as a performance board for small waves. But it worked so well that it became Channel Islands' bestselling board of all time. Like the Flyer, the Helix is versatile on a wide range of waves. It's lively and extremely maneuverable, and its extra flex whips you out of turns with speed to connect otherwise unmakeable wave sections.

2. A computerized shaping machine precisely carves finished boards out of a polyurethane foam blank, the same stuff used for traditional hand-shaped boards. But unlike conventional blanks, it doesn't require a wooden stringer; its stiffness and strength come from the rails, which are wrapped in a proprietary synthetic-fabric weave and then glassed with lightweight and durable epoxy.

3. Every Double Helix is a perfect reproduction of the last. And while some purists think the computerized molding process lacks soul, there's an unquestionable advantage. If you've ever had your favorite old board copied by a hand-shaper, you know it's virtually impossible to reproduce it identically. Not so the Helix. If you like this board, you'll like the next, and the next, just as much.

(5'10" and 6'4")

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