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The 4 Best Women's Ski Boots of 2013

(Photo: Fischer)

Fischer Trinity 110 Alpine Ski Boots


“Made me a better skier,” noted one tester. The Trinity’s relaxed, neutral stance doesn’t sacrifice power and control. Note: women with high-volume or hard-to-fit feet might want to consider the Vacuum model ($699), which a boot fitter will heat-mold to your foot.

Lange RS 120 SC Alpine Ski Boots

(Photo: Lange)


The SC stands for “short cuff,” and the shell’s lower height allows women (and smaller men) to get the leverage they need over this superpowerful boot. “All the agility and all the power one could want in a boot,” summarized one tester. This is probably too much boot for intermediates, but advanced and expert skiers will love the SC’s stiffness and precision.

Garmont Minerva Backcountry Ski Boots

(Photo: Garmont)


Four different plastic injections in the Minerva’s shell provide lateral power in spades, but forward flex is “progressive and buttery smooth.” Everyone raved about the “comfy calf fit” but generally agreed that its touring mode is “adequate but not amazing.” If you ski the NTN system, you might want to consider the Garmont Priestess ($730), which performed well across the board. 6.6 lbs

Tourability: 3
Power: 4.5

Tecnica Cochise Women 100 Backcountry Ski Boots

(Photo: Tecnica)


An overlap design and moderately stiff plastic create consistent flex front to back. The plush liner was a hit, and nearly every tester found the Cochise comfy right out of the box. But the best part: interchangeable tech fittings and alpine soles allow you to skin in everything from traditional alpine to Dynafit-style bindings. 8.1 lbs

Tourability: 3.5
Power: 4.5

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