The 3 Best Women's Winter Boots of 2013

   Photo: Vasque

Vasque Pow Pow UD Boots

The faux-shearling-lined, waterproof-breathable Pow Pow offers both stability and warmth—the two most important ingredients in a winter boot. A solid 400 grams of insulation kept testers from getting icy toes even on a single-digit full-day trek in the Adirondacks. And the higher-than-ankle cut and aggressive outsoles make them plenty stable for cold-weather hiking sans snowshoes. 2.5 lbs

Adidas Libria Padded Boots

  Photo: Adidas

The nearly knee-high Libria might look more fashion accessory than snowshoe boot, but in this instance looks are deceiving. The lightly insulated Libria is winter equipped with high-traction soles and a water-repellent, breathable soft-shell exterior. With its narrow profile, it slips into any binding easily, while an elastic calf cuff keeps out snow. 1.5 lbs

Salomon Rodeo WP Boots

  Photo: Salomon

With its running midsole, the skateboard-inspired leather Rodeo is your sneaker for the snow. Testers called the microfiber lining “teddy-bear soft,” but it’s also insulating and wicking—even spring hikers’ feet never got sweaty. Note: this boot is cut short, so choose it for packed powder or fast-and-light outings paired with a gaiter. 1.5 lbs

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