K2 Snowboarding Kwicker System

(Courtesy of K2)
Photo: Courtesy of K2

The main reason splitboarders are always behind skiers in the skin track? Transition time. Splitting your board, wrangling your bindings, poles, and skins just takes longer for boarders than skiers. K2 set about to change that with their new Kwicker system. To that end, they used a stiffer boots and step-in technology (an old tool with a new look) to make a system that is not only four pounds lighter than most splits, but because the bindings utilize latches instead of pins, cuts transition time in half. I haven't ridden the Kwicker yet, so take this review for what it is: a thanks from a splitboarder. It's about time major manufacturers got serious about making backcountry snowboarding gear that's as well considered as ski equipment. This is a leap in the right direction. ($1,249.55 for board, bindings, boots, crampons, skins, and poles.)

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