The Best Backyard Grills: Big Green Egg Kamado Grill

Mar 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
big green egg grilling meat

   Photo: Inga Hendrickson

The allure of the Egg, as with all kamado-style grills, lies in its ultra-efficient ceramic basin. Whereas metal smokers must be reloaded with charcoal every couple of hours, the Egg can cook for 24 hours or more on one load of wood or lump charcoal. Adjustable top and bottom vents allow you to achieve temperatures low enough to smoke cheese or cure bacon (120 degrees) or hot enough to forge steel (Eggers report temperatures up to 1,200 degrees). In other words, it’s essentially an outdoor oven, which is how thousands of so-called Eggheads use them ... religiously. “I cook 90 percent of my meals in it,” says Kim Youngblood, an instructor at the Georgia Mountain Eggfest outside Hiawassee, Georgia, one of 30 such annual shindigs. “I’ve smoked pork butt at 250 degrees, baked cookies at 350, and cooked pizza at 500.”

BOTTOM LINE: The Big Green Egg is bulky, kooky, pricey, and not as good at straight-up grilling as the Weber or Qrave. But for foodies who want to get serious about cooking just about everything outside, it can’t be beat.