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Greenlines Classic Board Shorts

Greenlines Classic Board Shorts

Founded by surfers and activists Sam Delaney and Jerry Delany, Greenlines makes simple, classic, and shorter than average board shorts for active outdoorsmen, hip city-dwellers and surfers. The board shorts are all 100% percent recycled poly, with a water repellent finish—super soft to the touch, stretchy, and they dry fast. A portion of sales from every pair you buy preserves beaches and waterways, so you can feel good about suiting up, whether you’re ocean bound, or soaking up the sun while you fill your basket at the farmers’ market. We like the striped Basque, $68,

Alite X Free People Tent

Alite X Free People Tent
Alite X Free People Tent

Billed as the perfect music festival tent, this flowery collaboration between San Francisco, California, Alite Designs and fashion apparel brand Free People is bright and airy, but will protect you from sun and sunshowers.

“For people not necessarily accustomed to camping, music festivals are a great first step to getting outdoors and enjoying it,” said Tae Kim, Alite founder and creative director.

The Alite X for Free People dome tent sleeps two people and includes a waterproof rainfly. High ceilings give extra headroom, and vestibules on each side of the tent offer up extra storage space out of the elements. It’s light enough to carrying from carpark to campsite, but durable enough to keep you dry, with a black mesh canopy for maximum airflow when the rainfly is off. Two large, circular doors with glow in the dark zippers and stuff into inside pockets. Available now, $168,

Jammy Pack Chubby Checker

It’s a boom box that’s a fanny pack with punch, thump, and jam. Clip your jammypack around your waist, and you’ll have a three watt speaker with an eight watt internal drive stereo system that connects to any phone or mp3 player in a retro styled pack that’s skateboard, ski- and strut-ready. Dance to the beat of your private drummer by plugging in any standard headphones. The removable speaker face has a USB power plug to revive this party center when the juice gets low. And it’s water resistant. Available now, $65,

Yeti Tank

What keeps 96 aluminum cans, 60 long neck bottles, 12 champagne bottles, a keg, 80 lbs of ice, 178 breakfast tacos cold—even if not all at the same time? Yeti’s new tank cooler. It looks like a big bucket, but in fact uses all the technology of Yeti’s Tundra coolers: one-piece, roto-molded construction—like a whitewater kayak and pressure-injected insulation. Super durable and guaranteed to impress your friends. Available June 2013, $200,

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