Spy Discord

May 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
Spy Discord Smith Soundcheck Maui Jim Blue Water best sunglasses of 2013 summer buyers guide

Spy Discord, Smith Soundcheck, Maui Jim Blue Water    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

BEST FOR: Los Angeles, Saharan sun.

THE TEST: Spy, claiming that wavelengths at the blue end of the spectrum lift mood, engineered its new Happy Lenses to let in a bit more blue light. Buy this reasoning or don’t, the polarized and deeply tinted gray polycarbonate lenses are joyous in harsh light. My thoroughly sunglasses-jaded wife gave the Discords an instant ovation. She happened to be driving on an especially sizzling, high-glare afternoon—an ideal test, as is hanging around anywhere that’s sun hammered. As for hard playing and athletics, not so much, because the flattish lenses let in light and wind at the sides, and glossy frames can get sweaty and slick.

THE VERDICT: Retro-geeky fashion glasses with modern-future lenses.

VALUE: 3.5