Bollé Speed

Native Eastrim Rudy Project Deewhy Bollé Speed best sunglasses of 2013 summer buyers guide

Native Eastrim, Rudy Project Deewhy, Bollé Speed    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

BEST FOR: Rides or runs on the long, hot road.

THE TEST: Endurance-jock eyewear gets a makeover with these swoopy, lightweight sport wraps. The Speeds deliver all-around protection from sun and wind and stay put no matter how hard you go and how much you sweat. As for styling, the Welcome to Hell red mirroring belies the cool view through the polarized lenses, and rubber on the nosepiece and temples keeps them securely in place. Bear in mind that the color-neutral lens tint is better for on-road pursuits than trails, where warmer amber and copper tints rule.

THE VERDICT: Comes across vampirish but in a good way.


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