MHM Flatiron 42 Overnight Pack

May 20, 2013
Outside Magazine
Millet Axpel 42 Mountainsmith Lookout 50 MHM Flatiron 42 summer buyers guide best packs of 2013

Millet Axpel 42, Mountainsmith Lookout 50, MHM Flatiron 42    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

BEST FOR: Rugged minimalism.

THE TEST: On paper, the Flatiron is the same size as the more streamlined Millet. In practice, not only were we able to cram in more stuff, but the Flatiron just felt bigger. It’s a pound heavier than the Millet, but you get more of just about everything: more gear loops (eight), more pockets (three in the lid alone), and more padding (the shoulder straps are noticeably plusher). It’s also easier to get at the bottom of the pack, thanks to a zipper that runs the length of one side. Despite those bells and whistles, the Flatiron is still respectably light and impressively tidy. Remove the lid and cinch down the straps and it could easily double as a daypack.

THE VERDICT: A little big pack. 4.5 lbs.