LuminAid TPU Pillow Lantern

Jul 8, 2013
Outside Magazine
luminaid tpu pillow lantern

   Photo: Inga Hendrickson

LuminAid’s solar-powered TPU pillow lantern packs down to the size of a cell phone. When you get to camp, a few breaths of air turn it into a hangable lantern. Fully charged, it providesup to 16 hours of diffuse light for reading or cooking.

What’s Next: Ultrahigh-intensity lights
The most powerful headlamp on the market, Petzl’s 760-lumen Ultra Rush, can illuminate an object 550 feet away but weighs nearly a pound.

The Hurdle:
Bulb technology continues to improve, but as with electric cars, batteries need to get smaller, lighter, and more efficient.

When Will It Happen?
Not for 20 years at least, but we’ll see huge efficiency gains in the meantime. In five years, headlamps may run for 400 hours without a recharge.

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