Breitling Emergency II Watch

(Inga Hendrickson)
breitling emergency II watch locator

The proliferation of emergency-locator ­devices like the ­Breitling Emergency II has led to all sorts of healthy debate about adventure and whether or not gadgetry should guarantee safety. What isn’t debatable: this titanium-body chronograph is the smallest, sharpest-looking personal beacon we’ve seen. Should you be faced with a life-­threatening scenario, extend the two antennae, positioned on either side of the watch face, and the ­rechargeable Emer­gency II pings an overhead satellite, which homes in on your whereabouts and broadcasts an SOS to ­local search-and-rescue groups.* But please, use with restraint: crying wolf with a timepiece that costs more than some cars will earn you grief among the back­country-ranger crowd.

*Breitling needs certifi­cation from the international governing body for search-and-rescue systems before the watch can be sold in the U.S. That should happen by year’s end, but you can reserve one now

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