Smith Forefront Helmet

It’s tough to rethink and re-energize the bike helmet, which is, let’s face it, a huge, eyesore of a mushroom cloud-shaped seat belt for your head, and yet we’re thrilled about Smith’s new all-mountain lid. The Forefront is as lightweight and airy as many XC helmets, thanks to a highly breathable honeycomb-style polymer called Koroyd, yet it has the lower rear coverage and extra protection of an enduro-style lid. There’s smart goggle integration (and presumably provisions for the company’s glasses, too), including a easy up-down visor, as well as a built-in mount for a GoPro or a light. On top of it all, the Forefront is said to absorb 30 percent more impact than a traditional EPS foam model, meaning better protection in case of impact. 

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