Felt Fat-E Bike

E-bikes and fat bikes are once again getting a lot of buzz at this year’s Interbike show. And while the e-bikes get faster and sleeker and cooler looking and fat bikes get lighter and more tricked out, we only found one bike that embodies both trends: Felt’s concept e-fat bike, which mates an electric motor from Bosch to a rigid-framed fat bike. Depending on your viewpoint, the result is either totally awesome or completely absurd. One way to think about it is this: it’s the world’s quietest and lightest snowmobile. Imagine yourself happily motoring around snowy streets (or sandy trails). Just don’t let the fantasy go to far, yet: it's just a prototype and might not be available for another year or two. We just had to give them props for even thinking to combine the two in the first place.

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