JayBird Reign

This fitness tracker will change the way you train. (JayBird)

Most fitness trackers look back, focusing on metrics (miles walked, steps taken, calories burned) that have already happened. Jaybird’s new Reign is the first one we’ve seen that looks forward, and helps you figure out what to do in the future, rather than showing you what you just did.

On top of the usual accelerometers that measure swimming, running, cycling, and sleep—all things we have seen before—the Reign uses an integrated heart rate monitor that helps determine how fatigued you are by measuring the cadence of the spaces between heartbeats. (You simply place your finger on the band for two minutes to get an accurate reading.) The Reign uses this measurement as well as sleep metrics to make suggestions on how much you should sleep and how hard you should train, all based on a user-friendly 100-point scale (0 means take a rest day; 100 means you should hammer).

Add it all up, and you’ve got what promises to be the most sophisticated fitness tracker on the market. It’ll be available in May for $199, and we hope to have a full review up later this winter. 

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