Salomon Premiere 4-Part Splitboard

Salomon Premiere 4-Part Splitboard

The Premiere is the first-ever splitboard that breaks down into four parts, allowing you to ascend on narrower, lighter-weight, and more nimble skis.

Currently, every splitboard on the market is designed the same fundamental way: for the way up, you break—or split—the snowboard down the middle, and use the two resulting (short, fat, ski-like) parts to ascend with skins as if you were on an alpine touring or a telemark set-up.

The Premiere, on the other hand, allows you to detach two small pieces from the center of the board—and then put them in your backpack. The resulting skis you climb up with are thus skinnier (90mm underfoot), lighter (about two pounds), and more maneuverable, especially on narrow or steeply switchbacked skin tracks.

According to Salomon, the board is easy to assemble and maintains torsional stiffness. We're excited to put those claims to the test next season. Price includes custom-fit skins and crampons.

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