UVEX Snowstrike VT

UVEX Snowstrike VT is ideal for skiing in changing light conditions. (Courtesy of UVEX)
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The click of a button—that's how easy it is to switch between four different tints on Uvex's Snowstrike goggle. The technology, which is called variotronic, has been around for a few years, but Uvex just recently started using it in snow goggles.

The Snowstrike essentially has two lenses with an LCD layer sandwiched between them. When you press a button, the on-board electronic system delivers a low dose of voltage to the liquid crystals, which in turn changes the goggle's tint almost instantly. 

Not only does the technology work much faster than standard photochromic lenses, Uvex also says the system isn't affected by temperature or UV levels. In addition to allowing users to manually switch the tint, the Snowstrike has an auto mode that Uvex claims can transition based on external light in half of a second.

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