Climber Crawls Out of Crevasse

And records everything

"Oh f*ck, I hurt bad, but I gotta get out." (DrJohnepal/YouTube)
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“Pretty well f*cked" is how climber and climate scientist John All described his situation after falling 70-feet into a crevasse on Mount Himlung in the Himalayas late last week.

The Western Kentucky University professor had been in Nepal conducting climate research and was slated to climb Mount Everest until this year’s deadly avalanche forced him to consider summiting the neighboring peak instead. En route, he survived the fall, and, in true 127-Hours-fashion, immediately turned on his camera to document the predicament.   

Despite sustaining a broken arm, five broken ribs, and a dislocated shoulder, All managed to claw his way out of the crevasse after 5 hours of painful climbing. “Because my ribs were so broken in my right side, I had to do everything with just my right foot, but not the upper part of my leg, and my left leg, and then my left arm,” he told HLN’s RightThisMinute.

After making it back to his tent, All was rescued by Global Rescue the next morning and taken to a hospital in Kathmandu. After checking himself out of the ICU the following day, he took to Facebook to express his gratitude for the support he received during his rescue: “When I was shivering and bleeding and waiting for the chopper, the things I heard from the sat link kept me going.”

He posted video of his accident to YouTube the following day.

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