Italy Sees Possible Record of 24-Hour Snowfall

Over eight feet of snow buries town in one day

Capracotta may have seen the most snowfall ever in a 24-hour timespan. (lucio musacchio/Flickr)

The village of Capracotta, Italy, has unofficially broken a world record Thursday for most snowfall in one day, at 100.8 inches.

The town, with a population of around 1,000 and at an altitude of 4,662 feet, is three hours east of Rome. The area is known for its dramatic weather. Thursday’s snow fell in about 18 hours, reported Italian weather site MeteoWeb.

The previous record snowfall took place in Silver Lake, Colorado, in April 1921, when 75.8 inches fell in 24 hours. The World Meteorological Organization will verify whether Capracotta’s snow day, which is more than Boston got this January and February combined, beat Silver Lake’s.

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