La Matera Northbrook Copper Flask

A flask to grow old with

Handmade from copper and treated to prevent corrosion, the La Matera Northbrook Copper Flask is built for a lifetime's worth of use. (Photo: Courtesy of La Matera)
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Gone are the days of walking around with a plastic Made-in-China flask hidden in your hoodie. You're a grown man, and you deserve a grown-up flask. You need the La Matera Northbrook.

With a not-so-modest price tag, the Northbrook Copper Flask isn’t for frat boys. It arrives in a beautiful dovetailed box, inside of which is a flask handmade from copper and hot-tinned on the inside to protect against corrosion. Holding nine ounces of liquor, it’s been soldered, not welded, to give it an old-time look. Left to the wear and tear of everyday life, it will develop a unique patina over its finish through natural oxidation.

A gentleman may open doors and pick up the check, but inside that jacket pocket? Reach for the La Matera Northbrook Copper Flask for a nip when no one's looking.