Camera Captures Bald Eagle Nest

Hanover, Pennsylvania

Two eggs were laid in mid-February and are expected to hatch in late March. (Pennsylvania Game Commission/HDonTap/Comcast Business)
eagle nest camera eagle cam

To celebrate the state's thriving bald eagle population, the Pennsylvania Game Commission installed a live nest-cam late last year near Hanover. For those not watching, a pair of eagles worked together for weeks constructing the nest, taking breaks to swoop down on potential food, all in preparation for the arrival of their eggs.

The first egg appeared on February 14, followed by a second three days later. After a month or so of incubation, the eggs are expected to hatch around March 21. All of the action can be viewed on the live-cam.

eagle nest camera
(Pennsylvania Game Commission/HDonTap/Comcast Business)

One of the more eye-catching frames from months of footage came last week during a snowstorm as one of the eagles remained with the eggs, braving the conditions and buried in snow. 

eagle cam
(Pennsylvania Game Commission/HDonTap/Comcast Business)

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