What's the best Christmas gift for a survival nut?

What's the ultimate Christmas gift for a survival nut?
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Here are a few items that North Pole survival guy Kris Kringle delivers to the outdoor folk in our household.

Tony Nester

Tony Nester

1. Swedish Mora knife: for $20, you will have a fine edge and durable blade. This is the knife that I've used for the past 21 years and they can hold an edge like few others. There's a reason that so many survival instructors throughout the world, favor these. Visit ancientpathways.com for more info.
2. A Great Survival Movie: Snow Walker, Defiance, Alive, Jeremiah Johnson, and Alone in the Wilderness are just a few of the fine flicks that will make you appreciate a warm roof over your head and that scrumptious Christmas dinner.
3. A Great Survival Book: some of these non-fiction book accounts of real-life survivors shouldn't be missed—Skeletons on the Zahara, Savage Wilderness by Barry Ralph, any books by master tracker Jim Corbett such as the Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag.
4. Instructional books: The Modern Hunter-Gatherer, Bushcraft, Surviving a Wilderness Emergency, Be Expert With Map & Compass.
5. Smartwool Socks: Easy on the skin and great comfort for all-day punishment in the elements.
6. Garmin 60CSx GPS unit with the book, Basic Essentials Using GPS.
7. Specifically for women: check out the following outdoor books, "Let's Get Primitive" by Heather Menicucci or "There's This River" by Christa Sadler.
8. Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp.
9. REI or Cabelas StormProof Matches.

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