What should I carry in my car to survive during a blizzard?

What should I carry in my car in case I break down in the backcountry or have to survive on the road during a blizzard?
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I remember returning to my truck after a 12-mile dayhike in the desert, just as the sun was setting, and finding I had a flat tire to contend with! Add to this, the truck was parked on an incline and I was mighty tired. A can of Fix-a-Flat and a small air-compressor ($25 at Target) saved the day.

Tony Nester

Tony Nester

Think of your car or SUV as a big survival kit. Pack it with some of the items listed below and you will be able to weather out a night or two if faced with roadside survival.

Here's what I carry in my truck all year:

  • Full size spare tire (get rid of the pretend tire the manufacturer provided)

  • A quality hydraulic jack

  • Gorilla Power lug-wrench

  • Mini air-compressor

  • 2 cans of Fix-A-Flat Tire Repair

  • 10 gallons of water

  • Leatherman (or pliers & screwdrivers)

  • Small folding shovel

  • Roll of duct tape

  • Headlamp

  • Sleeping bag or wool blanket (depending on the time of year)

  • Wool hat

  • Emergency blanket

  • Insulated gloves

  • Jar of peanut butter (high-fat/high-calorie chow in cold-weather)

  • 4 Met-Rx Meal Replacement Bars

  • Local and state maps

  • Umbrella (instant shade in the desert while waiting for the tow-truck)

  • Sunscreen

  • Cell phone charger

  • Irridium satellite phone (if you spend a lot of solo time in the wilds)

Regarding tire changing gear, make sure you have a quality jack and lug wrench like the types listed above. With the $25 air compressor and $5 can of Fix-A-Flat, you will be able to handle minor tire punctures and minimize the dangerous and lengthy time spent on the side of the highway. Keep in mind that Fix-A-Flat and other tire repair canisters will freeze in cold weather.

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