What's the best lightweight camp stove for cold environments?

I'm hiking the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. What's the best lightweight camp stove to bring?
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The 13-ounce Primus Gravity II MF ($144; is a great option. Here's why: It burns white gas, kerosene, canister gas, and petrol, so if you run low somewhere along the 120-mile trail, you'll have a better chance of finding a refill from a local. Another handy feature: The stove has a low center of gravity and boils a liter of water in three minutes, which means your pot of pasta primavera won't A) tip over and B) take forever to cook. Just don't set up camp between a musk oxen and her babies.

Primus Gravity II MF

Primus Gravity II MF

Go even lighter and faster with Jetboil's Personal Cooking System ($100; This compact, one-pound system (which includes a one-liter "pot") will boil your ramen noodles in a half-liter of water with a click of a button in two minutes flat. Plus, it all fits into a compact Nalgene-size bottle for storage.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Primus