UCI to Test Mixed-Gender Events

Cycling events could change for 2020 Olympics

If the trials are successful, men and women cyclists may compete against each other at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (Flowizm/Flickr)

The UCI will test mixed-gender cycling events for potential inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, according to Reuters.

National federations have been asked to send young riders to trials at the UCI’s velodrome in Switzerland. The trials will not be open to the public. The Madison, a team event in track cycling, is one candidate to become a mixed-gender event, as are team time trial events on the road and track.

The impetus to investigate mixed-gender events came from the International Olympic Committee, which could include mixed-gender events as soon as the 2018 Winter Olympics.

“We would be prepared to put it on the table for Tokyo,” UCI president Brian Cookson told Reuters. “If [the trials] are a disaster and doesn’t work, we can report back to the IOC and say we tried it, but it’s impractical.”

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