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FluidStance The Level

Get more from your standing desk.

The FluidStance The Level creates an uneven platform that keeps you more active than standing alone. (Photo: Courtesy of FluidStance)
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Standing desks are old news. Now, surfing desks are all the rage.

FluidStance's The Level is a beautiful 26.5 x 12.2-inch uneven board made out of military-grade aluminum and wood designed for you to stand on. Because of the board's convex shape, your body is always in three-dimensional motion. This equates to a 15 percent increase in your heartbeat as you balance on The Level. Read: It helps you burn calories as you type. 

The Level comes in three models with three different types of wood, including bamboo, maple and eucalyptus, or pure maple. They’re designed for most floor surfaces, but make sure you put a mat down before giving it a spin in front of your boss’s desk.

Starting at $269,

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of FluidStance