New Cycling Record: 556 Miles in 24 Hours

Austrian breaks 11-year-old mark

Christoph Strasser rode 556.856 miles in 24 hours. He also won Race Across America three times. (Wikimedia Commons)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday, Austrian cyclist Christoph Strasser broke the record for distance ridden on a standard upright bicycle in 24 hours.

As cycling news website reports, Strasser covered 556.856 miles (896.173 kilometers) in Berlin, thereby surpassing the previous 24-hour best of 521.975 miles (840.037 kilometers), set by the late Slovenian rider Jure Robic. While changes in UCI regulations have recently spurred several improvements on professional cycling’s hour record, Robic’s 24-hour mark had stood since 2004.

Strasser’s record-breaking ride took place on the historic Templehofer Feld, an expanse of former farmland in south Berlin that the Prussian army once used for field exercises and later became an airport in the 1920s. In 2010, two years after the airport closed, the area became the largest public park in the city.

American cycling fans may recognize Strasser as a three-time Race Across America winner, a title he will be looking to defend this June when the solo race kicks off in Oceanside, California.

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