Monohm Runcible

A cell phone smart enough to never grow obsolete

The Monohm Runcible is the minimalist's phone in a maximalist's market. (Courtesy of Monohm)
Photo: Courtesy of Monohm monohm

The Monohm Runcible is a cell phone. It tells time. It can surf the Web, send text messages, and be upgraded as new technology becomes available. But that's about it.

The Runcible isn't a fitness tracker, doesn't use apps, and will never beep or buzz at you. With a smooth, convex back that's available in a variety of nature-inspired patterns, it's an aesthetically pleasing, minimalist cell phone with a sleek, spare design. 

But what’s really sweet about the Monohm Runcible is that it comes with planned non-obsolesce. All its parts can be removed, repaired, and upgraded. Who knows? You might even be able to bequeath it to your children. 



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