Treeline Outdoors Half Hatchet

The classic survival tool gets an upgrade

With a rust-proof, forged steel head, the Treeline Outdoors Half Hatchet is a trusted backcountry tool. (Courtesy of Treeline Outdoors)
Photo: Courtesy of Treeline Outdoors Treeline

Yes, a hatchet can be an important survival tool (think: building shelter, chopping firewood, cutting meat). But this one from Treeline Outdoors would look just as good on a mantle as it would in the back of a truck.   

The Half Hatchet can do three key things: Its forged steel head hammers nails, the beveled edge removes them, and the blade chops wood with its 3.5-inch polished edge. The head is coated in durable, rustproof green paint for long-distance adventures, while the tool, at a svelte 1.5 pounds, is a breeze to swing after a full-day hike. We also love the beautiful hickory handle and leather protective sheath.


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