Boréal Bikes SmrtGrips

Steer your bike into the Digital Age

The Boréal Bikes SmrtGrips connect with your iPhone, vibrating to signal turns and potential safety issues. (Courtesy of Boréal Bikes)
Photo: Courtesy of Boréal Bikes Boréal Bikes

With new gadgets, the word “smart” gets thrown around so often it's become cliche. But we think the Boréal Bikes SmrtGrips, designed to prevent you from getting lost or to even save your life, actually deserve the title. 

The brainchild of German engineer Louis Huard, SmrtGrips use haptic, or touch-sensitive, technology to sync with your smartphone and communicate with you. They relay directions through vibrations in the grips, indicating which direction to turn. This same vibrating mechanism will even warn you about upcoming traffic or road hazards. The grips also act as a homing beacon to help you locate your bike if it's been lost or stolen.

But the best thing about the SmrtGrips is the simple design. Waterproof up to almost 70 feet and weighing just over three ounces, they install just like standard bike grips in two easy steps. They're proof that smart doesn't have to be complicated.

From $64,

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