The Best Prank Gear

From the cool to the downright bizarre, the best 2015 April Fools' Day products.

The newest Coors product combines the refreshing taste its drinkers expect with the electrolytes necessary for top-level athletic performance. (Gear Junkie)

Last April saw the launch of Chaco’s Barefoot Z minimalist sandal and Yeti Coolers’ Tundra 110, the world's most bomber casket. This year, gear makers celebrated April Fools' Day again with winter clothing made out of dog fur, figgles mounted with tech bindings, and energy beer. Heck, we wish the last one was real. 

Ibex D.F.F

Ibex scientists discovered the ideal fiber has been sitting in our laps and rubbing our legs for years. (Ibex Outdoor Clothing/Vimeo)

Man’s Best Friend just strengthened his claim to the title. After 15 years of extensive research, scientists at Ibex say D.F.F, short for Dog Fur Fiber, will change clothing as we know it. 

The broad color palette (available thanks to the countless number of mutts), cuts down on the need for environmentally damaging dyes. To clean the fiber, you need only a little saliva—and it doesn’t even have to be your own. Plus, D.F.F holds odor far better than any other product currently on the market or under development.

We at Outside recommend the German Shepherd-Husky mix, although those wary of embracing the revolutionary fiber may be better off starting with some Goldendoodle or Schnauzer. Note: No animals were harmed in the making of D.F.F. Just sheared. 

Salomon MTN Blade 


Short truly is sweet. At least as far as the Salomon MTN Blade, the lightest and most versatile ski ever made, is concerned.

The Salomon Mountain Collective worked tirelessly to create the MTN Blade. Collective athlete Mike Douglas called it “the single greatest innovation in ski technology in the last 20 years.” 

Salomon says it will be very intentional in making sure retailers are qualified to sell the groundbreaking product. “This is the kind of innovation we bring on the market only once in a decade,” said Francois Fauroux, Salomon VP of winter sports equipment. “Only retailers that have really well-trained staff are going to be able to sell the product.”

This ski is so small, it’s hard to imagine going down will be much fun. But skinning up should be a breeze. 

Coors Energy Beer

The newest Coors product combines the refreshing taste its drinkers expect with the electrolytes necessary for top-level athletic performance. (Gear Junkie)

For years, athletes have wondered how to best hydrate for peak performance. Electrolyte-rich beverages leave drinkers craving hops and barley, while beer fails to deliver the energy elite performers need.

All that changed this morning

Coors Brewing Co. dove headfirst into the competitive energy drink market with the announcement of its new line of Extreme performance beers. The anticipated public release (don't hold your breath for this one) will feature flavors such as Orange, Lymon-Aide, and, our favorite, Blueberry Lager.

To launch the revolutionary thirst-quencher, Coors will host an ultra-endurance race in Golden, Colorado, next month. Energy Beer will replace water at all stops along the way to ensure athletes can give their bodies the critical fuel needed to perform at their very best.

Wonka Jawbreaker Energy Balls

Other energy candy products cannot compete with the size of Wonka's Cavendish-inspired creation. (a200/a77Wells/Flickr)

Just a day after the launch of Oakley’s Jawbreaker sunglasses came the announcement of Wonka Candy’s revolutionary new sports nutrition product

Conceived in conjunction with the sunglasses maker and inspired by pro sprinter Mark Cavendish, the Jawbreakers measure 51 millimeters in diameter and guarantee athletes a mouthful of vitality. If you have to pick just one, we'd recommend the Rainbow Stripes flavor, which tastes like a mix between Nestle’s Gobstopper, Butterfinger, and Kazoozles products. 

This revelation figures to be bad news for Jelly Belly’s Sport Beans, Sharkies Organic Sports Chews, and Clif Bar’s Shot Bloks. 

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