Barone Sets New Mountain Bike Speed Mark

Breaks own record set in 2000

Barone rode down an icy slope on a special aerodynamic bike to break the record. (Emmbé/Flickr)

Frenchman Eric Barone established a new world-record bike speed on Saturday, March 28, according to VeloNews

Riding on a track at the Vars ski resort in the Hautes-Alps between Gap, France, and the Italian border, Barone rode at a speed of  223.3 kph (138.7 mph) on a steep, snow-packed slope, according to VeloNews.

Barone was riding a special downhill mountain bike with a fairing to improve aerodynamics. He has set bike speed world records on previous occasions on both snow and gravel surfaces. He first set the world speed record in 2000. 

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