Scientists to Map Yellowstone’s Old Faithful

To learn about geyser’s processes

Ground penetrating radar will scan features like fractures, vents, and cavities under Old Faithful. (Greg Willis/Flickr)
Photo: Greg Willis/Flickr United States

A crew of scientists will begin mapping the geyser Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park on Thursday, Yellowstone Insider reported Wednesday.  

The crew will use ground penetrating radar to scan shallow subsurface structures, such as the thickness of hot spring deposits, fractures, vents, and cavities. The radar process is noninvasive and has been described as similar to ultrasound technology. An antenna will be carried in a cart, pushed in a wheeled unit, or sledded over the ground to acquire subsurface information.

According to the research team, the purpose of the study is to learn more about Old Faithful and to improve protection of natural processes associated with the geyser. The mapping will continue through April 13.

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