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Caballo Blanco Documentary to Premiere in Boston

Four days before marathon

'Run Free' follows the life of Micah True, an ultramarathon runner featured in Chris McDougall's book 'Born to Run.' (Luis Escobar/Run Free)

Run Free: The True Story of Caballo Blanco will make its U.S. premiere in Boston on April 16, four days before the Boston Marathon, according to Runner’s World.

The feature-length documentary follows the life of Micah True, aka Caballo Blanco, an ultramarathon runner made famous in Christopher McDougall’s bestselling book Born to Run.

The film explores how True first started running and details his efforts to aid the Tarahumara community by founding the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon in Mexico in 2003, according to Runner’s World.  True died on March 27, 2012, while running in New Mexico. The race was renamed the Ultramaratón Caballo Blanco after his death.

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