Americans Can Now Legally Run Cuba Marathon

Race through Havana coming in November

The Havana Marathon is now open to Americans, thanks to improved relations between Cuba and the United States. (Maratón Habana/Facebook)
Photo: Maratón Habana/Facebook

An annual marathon held in Cuba’s capital city of Havana has been virtually off-limits to Americans since its start in 1987 because of strained relations between the island nation and the United States—but no longer.

The Marabana, as it is known locally, has been out of reach thanks to travel restrictions to Cuba. But as diplomatic ties with the United States have recently improved, tour companies like InsightCuba are offering travel packages to Americans centered on this year’s marathon, scheduled for November 15.

Last year, InsightCuba sent the first-ever organized group of marathon runners from the United States to the race in Havana.

Though relations have improved, the United States still maintains a number of regulations that limit trade and access to Cuba. U.S. senators introduced a bill in February that would officially lift the trade embargo, but whether that specific bill will pass is still uncertain. 

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