The better way to sneak in booze

Flask2Go holds five shots and packs down for an easy, inconspicuous carry. (Courtesy of Flask2Go)
Photo: Courtesy of Flask2Go flask2go

You know what sucks about sneaking in a flask? Getting caught sneaking in a flask. The Flask2Go is a pliable, plastic container, which offers a smoother, less conspicuous packet with all the booze-carrying capacity.

Think of Flask2Go as a grown-up’s juice pouch. (We’re legally unable to mention it by name, but it’s like the one you puncture with a straw.) Holding eight ounces, or about five shots, the reusable bag has no metal parts (read: to set off metal detectors) and is a loyal tailgating, hiking, or camping companion. And around the time of the night you’ll probably lose it anyway, relax: Its low cost (just under $10) means you can throw it out or, if the mood strikes you, deposit it in your nearest recycling bin.

Now, we’re not saying you’re the type of person to go sneaking in firewater where you shouldn’t. But if you do, the Flask2Go will probably blend in under that jacket a lot better than a tin container. Whatever you do, just don’t try to puncture it with a straw. 

$10, flask2go.com

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