Watershot Pro Line Kit

How low can that iPhone go?

The Watershot Pro Line Kit makes your iPhone waterproof down to 195 feet. (Courtesy of Watershot)
Photo: Courtesy of Watershot Watershot

Admit it: You shriek in terror when a drop of water lands on your iPhone. And pool time? That's a definite no-no. But it's time to embrace your fear and take that bad boy for a swim with the Watershot Pro Line Kit.

The Pro Line Kit, designed for the iPhone 5 or 6, acts as a waterproof camera housing for your precious device. Choose between two large removable lenses, including flat port and wide angle, the latter of which boasts an impressive 110-degree field of view.

Guaranteed down to 195 feet, the Watershot Pro Line Kit is supported by an app that easily lets you use the phone's camera during your underwater adventures. So don’t fear the water. 

$190, watershot.com

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