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What Are the Best Outdoor Storage Solutions?

An outdoor shed that costs less than $150 and a bombproof bike locker? We’ll take two!

Don't let your beautiful gear get beaten up by the elements. Try these outdoor storage solutions instead. (iStock)
Photo: iStock gear sheds

An outdoor shed that costs less than $150 and a bombproof bike locker? We’ll take two!


If you love playing in the mountains, it’s easy to accrue a mountain of gear. It isn’t until you have to contend with storing three boats, four bikes, and two SUPs that you start to feel like a hoarder. 

But when your gear consumes all the open space in your garage, don’t move the cars outside. Go for one of these smart outdoor storage units instead.

Dero Bike Locker ($TBD)


If you’re worried about thieves nabbing your beloved road bike, check out Dero’s bomber steel locker. In addition to being theft-proof, the unit is 100 percent dirt- and waterproof. Each locker is customizable with different locking options, colors, sizes, and flooring setups. 

YardStash III ($130)

(YardStash Solutions)

Outside senior editor Axie Navas raced road bikes at Northwestern and tests dozens of bikes year-round for work (she has at least four at the house or in the office at all times). So when she raved about the YardStash III, I took her seriously. The durable polyester tents (Axie has two) protected her bikes from the elements throughout the winter without taking up too much space in the yard thanks to their 74-by-30-inch footprint. They’re also an economical option at $130 each.

Sutton Resin Storage Shed ($549)


My wife and I moved into a home last year that came with one of these sheds on the property. I used to think plastic storage this big (about seven by seven feet) was just an eyesore. But once I filled it with small, easy-to-lose essentials and tools, it became a lifesaver. The shed accommodates four bikes (if stored properly), but I’ve found it to be most useful with shelving to store smaller items. 

NRS Kayak/SUP Hanger ($25)


Kayaks start to look like planters in your backyard if you leave them on the ground to collect water. Lift them off the grass with this inexpensive 89-inch strap-based solution from NRS. It uses an adjustable system of eyehooks and cam straps to cinch the boat tight against your house. When you want to access your boat, just loosen the strap and the kayak will slide right out of the unit. 

Kloud City 190T Nylon Waterproof Bike Cover ($16.40)

(Kloud City)

Don’t punish your old commuter by letting it rust outside. Best for the space- and price-conscious cyclist, the Kloud City 190T Nylon Waterproof Bike Cover costs less than a post-ride burger and beer and fits easily over your bike. The nylon cover will maximize your outdoor bike’s life by keeping it safe from the sun and rain—just don’t expect this cover to last more than a season or two.

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