Jimmy Tobias

The Progressive Gay Mayor in the Heart of Utah

Jackie Biskupski, the tenacious, curly-haired mayor of Salt Lake City, breezes into the lobby at the Hotel Monaco, plops onto a plush leather couch, and after a very brief introduction immediately...

Why Do We Kill the Bears We Encounter in the Wild?

With more people recreating outdoors and encountering wild animals there, we need to rethink laws that require the government to shoot bears and other carnivores who are protecting their young

Mary Fallin Is As Pro-Oil As They Come

The governor of Oklahoma is as aggressively pro-extraction as they come, and she’s about to lead the department responsible for protecting public lands. Uh oh.

Who Controls Alaska’s Waterways?

Right now, the Supreme Court is hearing a case that could take away the federal government's ability to regulate rivers in 150 million acres of Alaskan wilderness.

Is Search and Rescue a Public Service? Not Exactly.

Cost recovery for search and rescue missions is on the books in states scattered across the country. Implicit in these policies is the message that public services like search and rescue are a...

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