A self-inflating SUP that offers extra zip

Inflating your average travel stand-up paddleboard requires more endurance than the activity itself. And electric inflators? They’re only useful if there’s a power source available. The SipaBoard solves both these problems with its battery-powered, self-inflating internal motor and goes one step further, offering an extra assist when you want it.

Slovenian Sebastjan Sitar first envisioned the SipaBoard while paddling with his daughter, who had trouble keeping up with him. What if he could install a motor that would help novice or young SUPers keep up with more advanced paddlers? The same motor that inflates the board provides a 3.5-knot assist for an hour or a two-knot assist for up to three hours. Controlled with the touch of a button on the paddle, the wireless system can also connect with your smartphone, showing just how much juice is left. 

Like a pedal-assist bike, purists may feel that the extra push from the SipaBoard is tantamount to cheating. But when it comes to having a good time, there’s no reason to not take a little boost.


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