First Authentic Footage of Everest Earthquake Avalanche Emerges

Two German climbers capture the horrific scene at Base Camp as it unfolds

The first few seconds of the footage show Base Camp while climbers feel the ground shaking. (Photo: Jost Kobusch/YouTube)

The first authentic footage of the Nepal earthquake and subsequent Base Camp avalanche has emerged from Mount Everest. The 2:27-minute YouTube video, apparently shot by German climber Jost Kobusch, shows two men filming and marveling that, “The ground is shaking.” But fascination soon turns to horror. In the distance, several figures can be seen running. The cameraman then looks to his left and sees the explosive cloud of snow and ice that’s about to swallow up Base Camp. The men duck behind a tent and are engulfed by the cloud as they shout, “Schei├če.” From looks of the video, they were on the downvalley side of the avalanche and were coated in rime but spared the brunt of its force.

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Lead Photo: Jost Kobusch/YouTube
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