AR Devices GogglePal

Turn the mountain into fun and games.

The GogglePal shows speed, direction, vertical, and a whole lot more inside your goggles. (Courtesy of AR Devices)
Photo: Courtesy of AR Devices gogglepal

Have you seen all there is to see at your local ski resort? Then add another layer with the AR Devices GogglePal, a small add-on that shows an augmented reality inside your normal ski goggles.

The GogglePal snaps into any standard goggle thanks to magnets on its side. On its own, GogglePal projects realtime stats on the lower corner of your lens, including speed, vertical, degrees of rotation, time, location, and direction. But connect it with your smartphone? That’s a whole other dimension. Arrows point you toward friends, and you can even embark on a virtual treasure hunt, searching for electronic gems that only you and others with the app can see. It literally turns your favorite resort into a video game.

Whether you’re using the stats to increase your performance or the paired app for the social component, GogglePal is something that changes the way even the most experienced skiers see the mountain. 

From $145,

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