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Your New Summer Mode of Transportation

The GoldCoast Jetty is an updated cruiser board for the young at heart.

The Jetty is the best kind of blast from the past. (Photo: Hannah McCaughey)
The Jetty is the best kind of blast from the past.

Shredders of a certain age will recall a time, before the ramps needed staircases and the trick names started to sound like mathematical proofs, when skateboarding was all about style. These were the Z-Boys days. The Jay Adams days. The sun was out, the waves were flat, and the farther back you could lean with your feet piled up at the nose and your hands pitched behind your back was the pinnacle of cool.

That’s the era a cruiser board like the GoldCoast Jetty aims to resurrect. Seven slabs of Canadian rock maple pressed with deep concave ensure a ton of board feel underfoot, while the punk-point nose and bold graphics invoke backyard pool sessions fueled by Black Sabbath and the Stooges.

At 27 inches long, the Jetty is unlikely to yield to attempts to spin it into a Smith grind on a handrail, nor is it designed to. But the high-durometer Burnout wheels mean you can throw a power slide or two on a downhill to keep from eating shit. Because, as any Dogtown lord will tell you, there are no style points for eating shit.


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From Outside Magazine, June 2015
Filed To: Skateboarding
Lead Photo: Hannah McCaughey